Enjambment, the zine

Enjambment, like much of the United States, was birthed from Black pain. Recognizing the fundamental problem of systemic racism in the United States, we march into a darkness and find ourselves surrounded by millions of people also seeing beyond this veil. With this, we recognize an immediate need to tear down this veil and discontinue participation in this nation’s minstrel show.

Enjambment is a collaborative, creative zine carefully curated with the intent to inform its readers by showcasing raw contributions outside of mainstream, mass media, mainly in the forms of visual media, accompanied by personal writings from the people – for us, by us. This is our authentic homage to Black and marginalized experiences. We aim to target society itself; highlighting the rampant inequality purposefully sowed into the soils of a system that specifically targets Black communities to this day. We hope that, by presenting Black pain, Black beauty, Black joy, and more in our writing and photographs, we may offer you pause; perhaps some moments of discomfort. Although systematically and systemically marginalized, Black lives have thrived, and we intend to provide insight, through experiential and emotional relatability, that casts doubt on the status quo. Above all, we intend to change the rhetoric of this nation for generations to come.

Fondos becados por Austin, TX (October 2020)