Action seeding

I am currently conducting research on individual participation in constructing a climate-adaptive city. The idea is to approach the residents in Groningen through an APP that can convey vital information on climate adaptive actions and raise awareness on climate adaptation. Each individual is considered as the internal stakeholder in the project.
The APP named is 'Action Seeding'. The project intends to establish a digital ‘green bank’ and enable the individual household to contribute their effort to climate adaptation by saving "green coins" and subscribe to plans for a greener and climate-adaptive living environment meanwhile creating a climate-resilient city.
The key feature is the green bank. The user can save coins in many ways. For instance, by purchasing solar panels. The crucial notion here is that enable householders to contribute their effort to climate adaptation and turn the
environmental awareness into daily actions. The "green coins" can be used to subscribe to plans. The individual plans, for now, include green hedges, vertical garden, facade plants and tree. When the plan is completed, a redeem code will be found on ’My green bank‘ page, and the user can go to the garden centre to exchange for real green plants. The team plan is designed for the residents who live in a place without a private garden. They can save "green coins" for a team plan, for instance, a green roof. When the plan is completed, the housing company can reform the roof with the support of collaborators.
And another part of the app is the knowledge-sharing community. To enable the users and experts sharing the knowledge, thoughts and ideas about climate adaptation. This could be done in the form of workshops, talks and activities through the app. And all the users can be updated with the lasted news, reports on climate adaptation in Groningen. While the users are active in this networking, they can gain corresponding "green coins".

Fondos becados por Groningen (September 2020)