AFROKIN Film Festival

PKOakland, That's Fye, and Macro Waves are teaming up to raise funds for a community social distanced film screening at Oakland's Mosswood Park. We are a group of young BIPOC creatives coming together from various disciplines to produce a black centered film screening showcasing local artists. The need to showcase black creatives is ever so prevalent in these times of injustice, increasing awareness of systemic racism and anti-blackness. We believe that now more than ever before, black voices need to be heard. With the pandemic in full force it is difficult to produce any event that requires sharing space. Our solution to that is a social distanced outdoor film screening at Mosswood park. PKOakland, a black led grassroots organization, will be leading the safety of individuals. PKOakland has been handing out free pandemic / protest kits in Oakland to ensure the safety of our community. Macro Waves will be building out the screens, programming all the lighting, and overall running the 3 projectors. The event plans to have three screens to allow us to use the three screens in a creative and immersive way. Macro Waves are experienced in digital media and will provide technical / design support on all aspects of the project. That's FYE, is an interdisciplinary group of black creatives that will be leading the environmental design of the space. The proposed idea is to incorporate black cinema aesthetics and pay homage to the birth of cinema through a black lens. We are pulling in an old organ so musicians can perform live during intermission. The space will be decorated into an outdoor theater. We will be accenting the space with carpets and draping curtains as well as creating a giant Popcorn installation among other things. Although this will be framed as a film screening this will be handled more in the light of an art happening, with music, art installations, presentation and talks. The need for community gatherings is essential to spread the black voice.

Fondos becados por Oakland, CA (October 2020)