Escuela Viva community mural

Escuela Viva Community School is a dual Spanish/English language preschool and daycare. We would like to add a mural to the wall facing our parking lot, which will be visible to the public from SE Pine and SE 11th streets.

Our hope is that the mural can reflect the neighborhood and all the groups that compose our community. We have a diverse student and teacher population, with a number of teachers (in particular) originating from countries outside the US - we’d love to celebrate this multicultural heritage. We’d also be happy for it to depict, either through text or image, our support of Black Lives Matter. Additionally, the school is situated across the street from the St Francis soup kitchen, and there is a large homeless population that lives in the surrounding area. We want them to know we see them, and recognize them as part of the community.

Fondos becados por Portland, OR (September 2020)