Sexual Harassment is rapidly on the rise in rural areas in Pakistan and the current dynamics under Covid-19 have worsened the conditions tenfold for women in these areas. While they do not have safeguards to protect themselves from sexual harassment, there is still a large sector of society (especially young girls) who have no idea what sexual harassment even is.

My awesome idea is to educate young school girls in remote Sindh on matters of bodily autonomy and how they can protect themselves from potential danger.

I plan to do that by utilizing a book called "Mera Jism Mera Hai" By Ashhad Qureshi, which has recently gone viral all over Pakistan, as a resource to conduct sessions in schools in rural Sindh. I also plan on giving out free copies to students.

Recently, I worked with my company to raise 40,000 PKR for the Government Girls Lower Secondary School, Moosa Khatiyan, in rural Hyderabad, in collaboration with Dr Saira Khan, officer of Provincial Management Service and the headmistress of the school in question. This money was raised to ensure that all 360 students enrolled in this school are provided with a copy of the book. Belonging to poor backgrounds, they cannot otherwise purchase the book.

Along with that, I have conducted online sessions on Sexual and Reproductive Health with founders of the international platform, Stories to Action under the #WeToo campaign. We collected stories from all around Pakistan as part of a competition, the theme of which revolved around Sexual Harassment.

#WeToo is all about empowering women in small communities and educating them about their rights.

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