Newburgh Ideas Competition: Design For Play

The Design For Six Feet -- a collaborative of architects and urban designers working to help cities safely reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic -- is launching a design competition for Newburgh.

How can we transform the streets of Newburgh so that children - young and old - can safely play, learn, socialize and have fun this summer, and beyond? Thisdesign competition seeks to find the most innovative and creative ideas to activate Newburgh’s streets.

In Newburgh, 3% of the land is used for parks and recreation, but the street network is the largest public space in the city. To capitalize on this, the City of Newburgh is making streets available for play streets, slow streets, and open streets beginning June 23, 2020.

With most indoor activities still off limits, and many summer camps cancelled, how can we transform the streets so that Newburgh’s youth (39% of the population is under the age of 20) and adults can safely play, learn, socialize and have fun together apart? What public infrastructure, play equipment or activities are needed to activate play streets and bring ‘play’ safely outdoors? Given that many indoor recreational activities and sports will continue to be prohibited for some time, potentially well into the school year, are there ideas that might be multi-seasonal? What games and activities promote health, play and learning for all ages?

Anyone can apply! The application will be posted on (website to be launched before July 17th).

Up to five winning entries will be chosen and awarded a design stipend of $1,000 to develop their ideas further for implementation in Newburgh.

We will publish many more ideas on our @designforsixfeet Instagram page and share them broadly to help cities across the U.S. and the globe in their efforts to safely reopen.

This is a collaboration between City of Newburgh Planning & Development, Columbia University’s Hudson Valley Initiative, Dept of Small Interventions and the Awesome Newburgh Foundation and it’s dedicated trustees.

Fondos becados por Newburgh, NY (July 2020)