Climate Resilient Schools

Since fall of 2019, Mycelium Youth Network has been working with the San Francisco Unified School District to support a Climate Resilient classrooms pilot program out of SFUSD. In Fall 2020, this vision will become a reality at Mission High School in San Francisco. Mission High School will serve as a pilot program and resilient hub for the surrounding community, with youth positioned as emergent community leaders that are actively responding to the challenges their neighborhoods face and will continue to experience during climate change. .

Over the course of the year, Mycelium will work with and alongside Mission High students to: 1) prioritize areas of concern related to climate change; 2) develop practical solutions that will be embedded in a tailored curriculum for high school students and 3) guide youth in building out those solutions at their school. For example, if water scarcity is an issue, youth will assess their neighborhood’s likelihood for drought, and then build out full-scale water catchment and purification systems aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). This project will create a fully functioning pilot resilience curriculum that can be then used and contextualized by educators at our school sites as well as within our broader network to support our youth and our larger bay area community to become more climate resilient.

Fondos becados por San Francisco, CA (July 2020)