Liverpool Cares - Alone Together

Liverpool Cares has a network of over 500 older neighbours aged over 65. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, our team has worked tirelessly so that everyone in our community knows that they have someone to turn, and someone to talk to, during this isolating time.

We suspended our face to face programmes on 13th March, and within the first week of our emergency response, we sent out 442 personal letters, 89 emails and called 81 older neighbours to find out if they had any urgent needs, in addition to providing advice and reassurance.

Eight weeks on, our face-to-face activities have now been replaced by different methods of connection. So far, we have:

• Hosted eleven digital Social Clubs with older and younger neighbours sharing time while taking part in desert island discs parties, VE day celebrations, and much more via Zoom;

• Established five new Phone-a-Friend relationships;

• Had 244 phone conversations with older neighbours to check-in;

• Upskilled our older neighbours technology skills;

• Sent our Alone Together activity pack - full of carefully curated creative daily activities - to over 800 people across our community and 125 community partners.

We have also identified 65 older neighbours who ‘live alone’ who are being assessed for any continued practical support. Through this work, we have developed close relationships with local partners, including the Little Shoe bakery, who are delivering free food packages to shielding or self-isolating neighbours.

With £500 from Awesome Liverpool, we’ll be able to continue to continue running these activities, and keeping our community connected.

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