Newmarket Aurora 2020 Graduates Celebration

We want to celebrate all 2020 GRADUATES in our Community! That’s you Newmarket Aurora! Our Graduates (gr8/12/PostSecondary) were supposed to be on a stage surrounded by friends & family and hear some clapping to celebrate this milestone. We are providing them a virtual stage! Parents nominate their Graudates and people adopt/sponsor them. The sponsor contacts the parent and knowing what the Graduate's interest puts together a special care package. As I write this, we have 92 Graduates on the list and 37 are yet to be adopted. The site has 533 members. Daily folks are commenting on the Nominees and Graduates pages promoting good will, and feeling of community. This is equally important for the parents who are also experiencing a loss.

We now have a couple of moderators who are helping welcome people on the page and we have word of welcome from the Mayor. Also, Newmarkettoday featured us an article and I have written for snapd Newmarket and Aurora. Snapd will be posting an ad in the next issue an ad on our behalf complete with AR. We also now have a sister page in Georgina.

Fondos becados por Newmarket (May 2020)