Furniture Mission Red River Valley

How can we be good stewards of what is given to us? A real-life scenario
A fifth-generation family sees their children do well and move away to successful careers throughout the country and beyond. Mom and Dad pass away, and the children are left to come home to liquidate the assets and go back to their lives. That beautiful bedroom set, that wonderful couch, that dining room table that was the center of so many family gatherings or that 12 piece setting of cherished China passed down through three generations now has no home. Without our business this may very well be taken to a land fill if the family no longer lives in the area and cannot take it.Across town, a family may have been devasted by a flood or fire. Maybe they have may some poor choices but have been given a second chance to start over on life. They rent a small apartment but do not have money to furnish it, let alone supply beds for their young children. What if these two parties could be united by a “free” third party. Without a Furniture Mission RRV, these beautiful antiques and pieces might well find their way to a dump ground and that family looking for a second chance might find themselves sleeping on the floor until the parents can build up enough money to purchase household goods.
This story of scarcity and abundance happens all too often in the same community. So how do we get these two families to work together? What a wonderful gift to share this gently used furniture but how do we connect these two and how is the furniture transported to and from them? How do we make both families so happy to share what has been given to them?
Without warehouse space, without trucks to transport this furniture and without volunteers to connect these two families this story does not have a happy ending. Many hands make light work so with our help and working together whether it being to purchase a tank of gas or an oil change or a new set of tires a gift, big or small, can help us continue.

Fondos becados por Cass Clay (May 2020)