"You are not alone"

"You are not alone" - is a program where we are able to help students with anticipatory grief or bereavement through there peers and teachers.
The staff at Doane House Hospice are inspired daily by the art making processes of the children who visit the Hospice each week and the courage and strength of families impacted by cancer and other serious illnesses.
We see the benefits of being able to communicate with children and teens who become warriors, who valiantly fight cancer on behalf of an ill parent.
We would like to be able to work more closely with the York Region School Boards, so that the guidance counselors and teachers are able to understand and support any child or teen dealing with the issues of anticipatory grief, loss or bereavement.
DHH is already in discussion with the school boards and they are certainly open to us partnering with them. Further meetings will establish the use of this therapeutic modality in workshops to train both teachers and the psychology teams in the area of trauma and traumatic events.

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