Artification of Howard Academy of the Arts

Howard Middle School Academy of Arts is a performing and visual arts school for 6th, 7th and 8th graders. The 2019-2020 school year was the first as a full magnet school, meaning no student is zoned and all have chosen to attend an arts-centered middle school. With this switch from a zoned to an arts magnet school, a campaign of “Artification” of Howard has begun. One piece to Artification is to include more art features on the school walls, in the courtyards and throughout the campus.

HMS is in the original Orlando High building. It is a beautiful structure but it doesn't visual tell the community that we are an arts school. We have an outside basketball/courtyard that is easily seen from Robinson Street. We would like to hire 3 mural artists to come in and paint 3 murals on a prominent wall in the courtyard. The artists will also create a 4th “interactive” mural where students and community members can help paint the mural

The mural artist will also meet with our art students, tell them about their art style, medium and being a mural artist. This educational component will highlight to our arts students a new potential art career/medium. There will also be Q&A between the artists and students. Future art classes will continue to use the murals as a lesson in different art styles, imagery and function.

The themes of the murals will encompass this art direction:
• Arts – we are an art school undergoing Artification, we need beautiful art surrounding our students. The physical environment should be a support their education.
• Community – Howard is located in the center of Orlando’s art community. Howard students are the future entertainer and art patrons of Orlando. Orlando needs to be aware of our students and their talents.

• Arts foster well-being. Arts are proven to increase happiness, healthy communities and classroom learning. This mural can be a positive visual reminder to our students they matter as do the arts.

Fondos becados por Orlando, FL (March 2020)