Goodheart Flowers

Let’s make Centre County a place of welcome!

I will provide up to 40 flower growing kits to local gardeners.

All I ask is that they plant and tend the flowers, and then share the blooms with neighbors and strangers, young and old, healthy and sick.

Anybody who is not expecting them.
Anybody who needs a little reminder that they are not alone.
Anybody who needs a welcome.
No strings attached.

Although most of us are surrounded by people a large portion of the day, many of us are lonely, with heavy hearts. Flowers speak the common language of kindness.
Sharing flowers allows us to share common connections and beauty. It allows us to extend a welcome, without even speaking words or sharing a common language.

In this time of divisiveness and distrust, a freely given bouquet of flowers disarms us.

I want to empower our community to make these kind and beautiful connections all summer long.

Each kit will include a specifically chosen assortment of easy to grow flower seedlings, needing between 3-8 square feet of sunny garden space. They are all varieties that are suited to local growing conditions and can be easily combined for summer long bouquets: Dahlia, Calendula, Celosia, Zinnia, Dill, Ageratum. Each kit will include detailed instructions, and a Facebook group will be available for additional support – and sharing of stories.

Fondos becados por State College, PA (February 2020)