Solar on San Antonio's Favorite Food Truck!

To create the First Solar-Powered Gourmet Food Truck in Texas
My project is to put solar panels on San Antonio's Favorite Gourmet Food Truck, Say.She.Ate!

I have done market research on the food trucks in the San Antonio area, and have chosen one that has the most community support, unique offerings, and an extreme interest in the environment and our project!

The solar panels will provide multiple benefits:
1. Eliminate or deter noisy, smelly, and harmful gas or diesel generators.
2. Eliminate or deter idling cars that produce noise and harmful emissions.
3. Eliminate or deter the cost of the generator and idling the vehicle for up to 8 hours a day! (Many have both running non-stop most of the day)
4. Serve as an educational model for all who enjoy the food. (Diagrams explaining solar in a non-technical, easy to understand way)
5. Serve as an example and educational model for other food trucks in the Area.
6. Serve as a promotion for the Awesome Foundation. (Can be taken to events, can be its own event)
7. Goodwill from the customers for not subjecting them to the torture of ordering delicious food next to a dirty power plant!

Solar San Antonio is committed to this being an Awesome Project!
We have a large (5,000) mailing list that we can promote the Solar Food Truck.

I think the timeline is too short, but we have a Solar Fest on October 6th that we usually get around 4-5 thousand attendees (The Mayor makes a stop every year), and this would be a great event to "showcase" the Awesome Foundation and the project.

We will most likely, if picked, get our friends at at the media outlets to do a few news stories on the solar truck and the new foundation that made it all possible!

Fondos becados por San Antonio, TX (October 2012)