Caring for Neighbors in Need

Caring for Neighbors in Need is an awesome project that delivers health and hygiene products to neighbors needing a little assistance to regain a firmer footing on the path towards self-reliance.
In a three-months pilot project, using manufacturer’s coupons, sales, discounts and other store incentives, Julie Sorenson and Rebecca Smith, friends and neighbors, spent less than $362 to deliver over $1,000 in health and hygiene products to Churches United.

Julie and Rebecca delivered shavers, shampoo, body wash, feminine care products, pain reliever, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and more to those living in poverty who cannot use the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly known as “food stamps”) to purchase health and hygiene products. Trying to get or maintain jobs, they often lack the resources to buy these necessary products. During the first, experimental three months, most of the cash outlay came from the friends who created the project.
Seeking a more fertile foundation for the project, Julie approached First Presbyterian Church of Moorhead, where she is a member, to have the project become a program of the church through its Action Ministry Committee. FPCM granted that request.
Volunteers clip and sort coupons, study sales flyers, plan shopping trips, deliver product to Churches United or other helping agencies, and create spreadsheets detailing exactly how each penny and coupon was spent.
A grant from the Awesome Foundation Cass-Clay will allow the program to have enough cash and coupons to operate for six months or longer. Meanwhile the program will build a cadre of volunteers, train, build publicity and seek funding through additional channels.
This grant will touch people in need in the most personal way; giving essential health and hygiene supplies to those who are unable to obtain it themselves. And with the supplies, they receive encouragement, refreshment and hope.

Fondos becados por Cass Clay (December 2019)