Awesome Community Baby Shower!

Since 2009 MAYA Organization has been serving pregnant people and their families by offering prenatal and parenting classes, counseling, and baby items. We strive to break the cycle of generational trauma, creating positive social change for women and their communities. MAYA is the only organization in Allegheny County that provides no-cost prenatal education, childbirth preparation, birth doula services, postpartum visits, and mental health counseling, with no eligibility restrictions.

MAYA Organization values the power of community. We not only provide doula services, counseling, and education to clients but also offer a community for them to belong to. We eagerly accept walk-ins to our Swissvale location. Whether it’s a pregnant person or new mom who is looking for some advice, MAYA staff will welcome you in, sit you down, give you snacks and water, hold your baby, and just provide a listening ear, as well as advice when asked. Our culture is one where mothers are supporting mothers, the strength of our programming comes from the fact that many of our doulas and instructors are community leaders and/or have gone through the MAYA program themselves.

Because of our emphasis on building community, MAYA will put the Awesome Pittsburgh funds towards hosting an Awesome Community Baby Shower. The goals are to: 1) bring together soon-to-be parents to socialize and make connections 2) check in with parents who we may not have seen in a while and see what type of continuing support they need from MAYA 3) give away critically needed baby items to ensure the safety of the babies 4) sign up new clients for MAYA’s prenatal class series.

The partners MAYA will collaborate with on this event are the organizations in our surrounding communities who serve similar populations and offer complementary services; these include Beverly’s Birthdays, Jeremiah’s Place, Hosanna House and Sojourner House. We will also reach out to Family Support Centers in Braddock, Penn Hills.

Fondos becados por Pittsburgh, PA (November 2019)