Peoples' Inter-Cities Fellowship Food Ministry

Approximately four to five years ago, we began to partner with Extra Foods in Marin in helping families get good quality food that would be thrown out by the store or where the store could not put food items on the shelves because of the food item nearing the end of the shelf life or there being some slight flaw with the food item. We were able to help get the food to families and individuals where many of the families and individuals did not have enough food to eat nor always enough money to purchase all that they needed at the grocery store. Our food ministry serves the sick and shut-in, homeless, low-income, elderly, underprivileged youth primarily in Marin City and the house boat community in Sausalito. Other cities in Marin County benefit from our food ministry as well such as San Rafael, Novato and other communities. The program serves approximately 150 families and individuals each week. We have been able to do this really efficiently and have been asked by other organizations to help them to fill the same need they are encountering in the population at large. One of the most important needs this food pantry fills is feeding the youth that get up in the morning with no breakfast. Leticia Jones, the founder of this food ministry was one of those youth growing up not always having enough food. The food ministry is her calling. Recently a woman took a bus from the East Bay to our pantry in Marin City because she heard that we could feed her. She was given two big bags of food and bus fare to get home.
Leticia Jones, Bridget Harris and Gloria Porter specifically, volunteer their time seven days a week to help organize the food pantry. Other members of the church also provide help and support weekly, The Food Ministry also provides emergency food to people on a weekly basis and this has been a tremendous benefit for families and individuals. While we had no idea as a church that the program would grow as it has, we are thankful to be able to do our part.

Fondos becados por Marin, CA (October 2019)