My awesome project is called WONDERGROUND. Its a 2000 sq ft Concrete Box of a building. We are in the process of converting it into Baton Rouge's only totally sustainable art / music / community space.

So far we have solar pannels, a biogas toilet that produces compost and gas that can fuel the hotwater heater as well as the kitchen stove. We also have a rain catchment and 4 pahze filtration system.

This project falls under Chez Fab Arts and Community Project.

We are a grass roots 501c3 in Baton Rouge. Our mission is to unite Baton Rouge and beyond through artistic expression, community engagment, and neighborhood revitalization.

It started in my house, in what is considered a high crime area, where I would host concerts, movie screenings, film and music video shoots, and workshops.

While Baton Rouge is still segregated to a large degree, these events would gather people from all walks of life. Black White Poor Rich Gay Straight.

We brought art to the "hood" to people that wouldn't normally go to a gallery, and we brought art lovers to a place many otherwise would never visit. (70805)

What we are doing with WONDERGROUND is continuing to create a safe environment where all walks of life are welcome. A place to be enteratined, to learn, to heal and grow.

A city wide destination, and a neighborhood rescourse.

Fondos becados por Awesome Without Borders (January 2020)