Demetreous Beals Project

In 2007 this small community endured a huge loss as a 14-year-old boy named Demetreous Beals passed away from a drowning accident. By the age of 14 Demetreous was already a leader within his community as he secured funding to repair the community basketball court. Using Demetreous as inspiration the Demetreous Beals Project seeks to explore the theme of leadership with the children within the community and put together a mural entitled “What leadership means to me,” to be displayed at the basketball court that Demetreous cared so much for. Children will have the opportunity to come to the community centre and design what leadership means to them on a 12X12 piece of card stock, they can do this by drawing, painting, poetry or any other artistic means, there will be no limitations. There will also be discussion on what leadership is. In partnership with First Baptist Church, the HRM Police Community Constables and the Demetreous Lane Tenants Association we will reflect on Demetreous as a community leader, and how we can all be a good example for our community. We will have all the art pieces designed into a plaque to be placed at the basketball court. Demetreous Beals is such a positive role model, one that this community cared so much for. It was a tragedy what happened to Demetreous, but now we have the opportunity to use Demetreous’ life to empower the children of the community, that’s what makes this project so awesome. It has been five years since Demetreous lost his life, The Awesome Foundation could give us the opportunity to celebrate Demetreous’ life, and his legacy. We can empower the children of Demetreous Lane, and prove that no age is too young to make a difference and be a leader within your community!

Fondos becados por Halifax, NS (July 2012)