Under new Management

Under new Management (UNM) is a space for ideas. Located on the busy Oxford St, just down from Taylor Square, UNM is intended to be an evolving space whose function is only limited by my ideas, and the ideas of collaborators. Inspired by NY's Grand Opening, UNM aims to delight, surprise, educate and entertain.

I'm taking a 6 month lease from Jul - Dec. The current planned uses are scheduled for a month at a time, though shorter periods will be considered, as will nightly activities not necessarily attached to daytime activities.

A team of creatives, industrial designers and builders (cough-amateur DIYers ) will be able to completely transform the space each month, making it seem like its use is permanent and adding to the chameleon reputation of the space.

July will be Le Tour Lounge - a relaxed, inclusive space for people to come and go, get updates on the previous day's racing, and watch selected live stages. Coffee, magazines and bikes will be the fare.

The end of July will see an installation for the Camping Website, another project of mine. For one week, the space will be transformed into a camping ground, and there will be a launch event complete with tent, film and ofcourse, damper. We're even going to sleep overnight in the tent.

August is currently free
As is September
October is planned to be The Share Market - a promotional month featuring examples of Collaborative Consumption. Car sharing, accommodation, tool sharing, skill sharing will each have a week of activities and displays designed to stimulate.
November is free
December is free

I am confident of curating some great installations and events with collaborators and for generating significant media exposure for the space.

Post December, there is also the chance of the lease continuing. If not, having built up a brand, relocating the space might also be plausible.

ps. This should go below but we would also display The Awesome Foundation as a partner on the shop window.

Fondos becados por Sydney (July 2012)