Between The Lines

We are an art gallery in Tighes hill, that serves up a hot cup of coffee 7 days a week and exhibits local artists and facilitates musical performances on a monthly basis. I wanted to take the current formula for a gallery and flip it to a more inclusive and active one. The more people who get a chance to showcase their work in our community the better.
I hope to continue this lively space and am making sure the artist comes first.
I have been covering costs of exhibitions by being crafty and gaining sponsors and help from friends and family to pull it all together.
everything you see in the gallery has been made by me or my brother or found on the side of the road.
completely recycled.. even the art rails are old floor boards.
i designed the hook system and even the coffee machine and grinder were gifted to me by friends in the industry.
this is a real community based business and i have been working 7 days a week for the past three months to make sure this can continue.
its hardly work though, i get to practice music in the quiet periods and hangout with interesting and wonderful people everyday. Having started this with very little money pushes me to be entrepreneurial and reach out for opportunities like this one!

Fondos becados por Newcastle (July 2019)