Street Arials

We are Calgary's ONLY recreational circus school. Our goal is to promote creative fitness and inclusion through the circus arts, while building community. For this we need a portable aerial rig. We teach children and adults agility, co-ordination, and strength of body and spirit. We encourage creativity in a non-competitive environment. With this portable rig we can bring our aerial arts (i.e. trapeze, aerial silks and aerial hoop) directly to the community.

We aspire to encourage Calgarians from all backgrounds to display their unique ability by performing the aerial arts in public spaces or charity events. For example, other non-profit organizations may use our portable aerial rig and circus volunteers for their own creative fundraising.

In addition, we hope to offer climbing workshops during the summer to the public. Afterwards, we will tape a statement where participants express his or her feelings about climbing. What does one feel when one is in the air? Does one want to climb fast or slow? How high does one want to reach? Is there a certain character that appears from their climbing?

Fondos becados por Calgary, AB (June 2011)