The Bitter Angel

The Bitter Angel is a social media character who comes to Earth to re-unify people.

The story starts like this: God had a meeting with all the angels and said one of them needed to go back to earth and the choice would be made by playing Enie, Meanie, Minne, Moe. The Bitter Angel spoke up and said that was racist. Boom she was chosen.

She is not happy about her job on Earth and wants people to hurry up and get it together so she can go back to her cloud. Through humor and some snarky-ness she will bring light to issues that are causing the sense of division, fear, or unease and remind people that we are really all in this together. She will have check ins with Mother Nature, Poseidon, and other characters to shed light on caring for the planet.

This is aimed at older teens and young adults who pay so much attention to social media. The long term goal as this becomes popular is that people will invite The Bitter Angel to their cities- and it will start clean up days and a talk about who we are as humans.

Also, as popularity grows and she complains about missing her cloud, she sees that many people do not have beds and she calls for sponsors to donate to shelters and beyond. I expect this to have an impact on the individual person, on communities as a whole, and the world. I want to help people see that beyond our borders of the US, those are humans too and deserve respect no matter the religion, skin color, or any other differences seen with the eyes. Love wins, EVERY TIME!

(Links coming soon!!)

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