Let's Go Fishing

My ministry cleaned and aeratated an inner-city lake a in a public Park in Pittsburgh. Seven men from different parts of the community came together in July 2017 and worked to establish a safe and secure fishing environment for urban youth and families. Urban Youth do fish , but in Pittsburgh the fishing stopped in the 1950's. We are reviving sport fishing as we believe it will save our community from the violence in the street and the rapid expansion of the mental health system. The Juvenile Justice system in Pittsburg spends five hundred and sixty dollars a day to house one youthful offender. A lot of fish can be purchased for that amount of money. We believe the forty year blight has hurt families in their interpersonal relationships. I believe that will be strengthened as young families at risk begin to rebuild relationships outside of the electronic stimuli of today. We desire to teach fishing to pittsburgh families and we have been certified by the State Fish commission to do so. last year June 2018, we conducted the first family fishing event at Lake Carnegie in Highland Park since the 1930's. We chose to make this an annual event. Finally we are all volunteers and most of us are Grandfathers in the community we serve.

Fondos becados por Pittsburgh, PA (May 2019)