The Make Space Repair Cafe Series

A repair cafe is an open community event that connects community members with skilled repair experts who can instruct them on the repair of their broken household items. Across the world, these specialized repair experts teach valuable hands-on skills to others and keep broken items out of landfills. In service of The Make Space’s mission to foster an educated, environmentally-friendly community, we aim to begin a series of repair cafes in Centre County that will teach students and residents how to repair their common household appliances, electronics, and other commonly-broken items. Our goal is to connect repair experts in the area, including our own skilled members, with residents in need of assistance at biweekly repair cafes hosted in The Make Space’s community workshop. Ideally, we would partner with local businesses for a referral program for those individuals who need additional, professional assistance.

Specific items we would like to see repaired:

Kitchen appliances & tools
Consumer electronics (phones, laptops, audio equipment, game devices)
Clothing, shoes, and jewelry
Small furniture
Toys & games
& more!

Fondos becados por State College, PA (April 2019)