Gambrel Roofed Cottages: Homes of the fishermen

For thirty years I have been recording the small houses of the Gloucester fishermen the dotted the shoreline of Cape Ann in the 18th century. They are vulnerable, old, have seen hard use and from 350 in the 18th century there are about 50 left. They are continuing to deteriorate, burn, or be demolished. I have always thought that I could do a book using antique photos from CAM with modern day photos and some interiors.
When I thought about the 400th I knew it was the appropriate time to get this project initiated and completed.

At a meeting I was describing what I would like to do and Bill Remsen immediately responded that he would like participate and I was happy to have a partner. I like to write and Bill is good with more technical issues and good with a camera.
Most importantly, it seem to be the right time. I want to stress the importance of the project. One hundred years from now we will all be gone but the book will last, and like Babson's history or Garland's book it is a legacy to leave for the city. We would dedicate it to the Gloucester fishermen. We would also do lectures, slide shows, classes, talk to school children and generally make these houses come to life in the eyes of the community. It is fresh material never before published. Not a rehash of previous books.

Fondos becados por Gloucester, MA (March 2019)