The WILAH Project

What I Learned At Home (WILAH) is an At Home Foundation, Inc. program that teaches women living in underserved communities about home and life repair using actual home repair tools and life parallels. Because of changing dynamics at home, these women are required to maintain the security, stability and value of their homes and families while assuming traditionally male dominated roles. These women are the sole or primary provider in 40% of homes with minor children. Additionally, they suffer the highest rates of domestic abuse. This successful, much needed program provides a unique means of practical/social intervention!

The successful 12-week dual-phased project focuses on teaching single mothers home repair and life management skills. In phase one of WILAH, certified contractors introduce women to the proper use of household tools (hammers, saws, power drills, etc.) and provide the opportunity to apply the learned skills in a simulated at home repair setting.

In the second phase, instructors and certified counselors challenge and inspire the women, teaching resilience by aligning their tools with life parallels. A small group approach offers individualized attention.

With their new skill sets, women enjoy a more accurate knowledge of home repair, which reduces their need to hire contractors for simple, yet costly repairs. Instructors and counselors work to restore hope to this often-isolated population and women increase their ability to engage and to trust their own value.

With additional funding, AHF will include a two-generational element via our recent program innovation that includes the children of our participants: WILAH Kids. Moms will use three classes to work with kids and do three separate “At Home” work assignments with their young ones.

We will know WILAH is successful when we increase participant count from 19 to 36. 75% or more women will complete WILAH. 90% or more women will gain proficiency in home repair skills and earn a full toolbox.

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