TreeDots - Tackling the problem of B2B food waste

TreeDots is Southeast Asia's first wholesale distributor of surplus and imperfect food supplies to food service providers. Our mission is to tackle the colossal issue of food loss (edible food that is discarded) by leveraging on technology to better match supply and demand, and streamline transactions. We are the industry's food meister to help our suppliers recover cost from perfectly edible, imperfect and unsold inventory, and to assist food service providers in sourcing for affordable food supplies, while fulfilling our mission to save our dear planet.

Within our first year of operations, TreeDots has saved more than 173 tons of food that would otherwise end up in landfills in Singapore alone. These foods have a water footprint equivalent to providing 3.8 million people with drinking water for a year and a carbon footprint equivalent of taking 336 car off the road for a year.

We would like to use the $1,000 to buy an industrial refrigerator to store about 100 irregular sized fresh chickens that a slaughter house in Singapore throws away every day as they do not fit the customer of the slaughterhouse's requirements.

Fondos becados por Singapore (January 2019)