Overcoming the frustration of public speaking

Hello everyone. Thank you for this awesome opportunity.As a former primary school teacher back in my country, I wanted to pursue my career here in Canada. I've come through many hard trials because of my English language and accent.I was rejected. I felt not good enough, frustrated and embarrassed. Have you ever felt that way ? Have you ever felt that however hard you try there is still a lot to learn ?
I have had a conversation with teachers on this topic on how to overcome the frustration of language learning. In high school, each student has to give a 20-minute in class presentation of a paper relevant to the topic of each class. Many students approached the teacher to be excused for this requirement on the grounds she/he is terrified of having to speak in front of others, especially in English as a second language. They are willing to do an alternative assignment that doesn't involve a presentation. Many of them are good enough students but not confident.
Because of that, I would like to offer youth a public speaking workshop where they learn to :
-overcome anxiety
-deliver a powerful message
-be concise
-sound natural and conversational
-get rid of annoying speech habits such as 'um" and 'up"
-speak with flowing words and sentences
-perfect pronunciations

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