Windom's Dancing Classrooms

Windom Elementary (a Minneapolis Public School* system) would like to form a long-standing partnership with Heart of Dance (a Minnesota-based nonprofit**) to bring Dancing Classrooms to our fifth-grade students.

This innovative and comprehensive program provides 20 ballroom dance lessons (twice-weekly for 10 weeks) to fifth-grade students during their school day. But, this program is much more than just dance! This program is AWESOME because it is about developing respectful, socially, and emotionally mature students who are better prepared for the challenges of middle school and beyond.

The students are challenged to learn something that, for most, will be entirely new and different: ballroom and social dance. The physical and mental challenges of learning dance include moving bodies in rhythm with music and precise physical coordination over one’s movements. Social challenges include learning to work with different classmates; increasing self-esteem by mastering a new skill; and practicing respect and social etiquette. Cultural challenges include learning about new and different cultures and overcoming stereotypes. This program is an excellent opportunity to make messages of diversity and inclusion come to life for 10 and 11-year olds.

What funding for this project would get…Among student participants, Dancing Classrooms has documented success in building self-esteem, confidence, discipline, increasing gender respect and awareness, improving conflict resolution skills, providing team-building experiences, and offering an understanding and practical application of social etiquette standards. In addition to enriching young lives through social and emotional learning, Dancing Classrooms have also been shown to enhance academic achievement and improve physical fitness.


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