Let's feel the cosmos/Արի զգանք տիեզերքը

Our awesome project is about sharing astronomy with people who are visually impaired and blind. This project is written by 8 members (children aged 12-13) in our school astronomy club - their first project ever. I asked them six questions, to which they answered the following:

"Blind children do not have opportunities to see the cosmos. Our goal is to make them feel the universe and its secrets. We will prepare touchable planets, touchable moon, constellations, star balls with cold and hot temperature, we will play for them the sounds of the cosmos, and will tell them stories about cosmos. We just need the materials and computer.
And we would like to do these activities for coming New Year".

After attending our astronomy club for one year, these children have accumulated enough knowledge to share it with others. Sharing is the best way to understand what they have learned. Also, sharing is the best way to open their heart and mind. That's why I decided to submit their project to the AWESOME foundation. I want them to feel awesome for the idea they have and for their willingness to share.

Fondos becados por Yerevan (November 2018)