Compassion Ride for Animals

Apithan Ministries is partnering with Mototech and the Deming Animal Shelter for a motorcycle dayride for the Animals. We will take a picture of each of the Animals living at the Deming Animal Shelter and laminate the picture, along with each animal's raffle ticket number. Each rider will have a $20 sponsor fee, choose their Animal to 'ride with' for that day. The laminated picture will be taped to their motorcycle or gear. Part way through the ride, we will stop and enjoy a Vegan Meal and have a short, positive presentation on the importance of peace through compassion and with all Animals, including those exploited in Animal Agriculture, as well as peace with the natural environment. We will continue our ride back to Deming Animal Shelter where we will have a tour of the Shelter, enjoy music, and the riders will each have a chance to meet the Animal whom they rode for. The Animal Shelter will offer 50% off their adoption fee! We will then have a drawing for four prizes, as each sponsor comes with a single raffle ticket. We are having the ride in honor of International Day of Peace. Peace with All Living Beings.

Fondos becados por Vegan (September 2018)