CITY unseen. A New [AR]t Experience.

In October 2018, Snap! Orlando will unveil ‘CITY UNSEEN’, a multi-year, multi-location, citywide public art project that will ignite the landscape of Orlando. This project will open artistic borders by launching the city and its visitors into Augmented Reality (AR) experiences that captivate with brilliant fusions of internationally renowned artists and cutting edge AR technology.

CITY UNSEEN will position Orlando as a pioneer which casts a new vision for the fusion of art and technology in the 21st century, and serve as a platform for discussion about social, cultural and environmental issues affecting those around us. A CITY UNSEEN App is being developed and will be available for users to enjoy the full range of art installations and immersive AR experiences.

Some of the experiences will include:

METAMORPHOSHIS PROJECT: Miami-based artist Felice Grodin recently launched Pérez Art Museum Miami’s first-ever AR installation
during Art Basel Miami Beach 2017 will manifest a simulated experience representing how Orlando is morphing from its amusement park

GREEN MURAL PROJECT: Building upon the issue of ecological awareness, Turkish visual artist Can Büyükberber will create an ecologically conscious mural, which will find permanence into the virtual world through AR. Through projection mapping, the audience will experience depth and movement and view this eco-friendly installation.

THE PORTAL: Visit the studio of famed Los Angeles artist Nancy Baker Cahill. This first of its kind experience allows the viewers to walk and teleport through the artist’s LA studio, in 360 degrees.

JR’S INSIDE/OUT PROJECT: In 2017, Snap! hosted the ‘Inside Out/Dreamers’ project with award-winning JR PHOTO BOOTH TRUCK, giving members of the community an opportunity to take a photo and participate in an art installation in support of the DREAM Act. The original mural pasting of portraits was washed away. Snap! is bringing ‘Inside Out/Dreamers’ back to life through AR.

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