The Together We Can Time Bank

Launched in January 2018, Together We Can is a TimeBanking Chapter specifically for the City of Newburgh. TimeBanks are made up of members who exchange their time and skills with other members at an equal value: 1 hr of one member’s skill in exchange for 1 hr of another member’s skill. Member profiles and exchanges are recorded in Community Weaver, TimeBank USA’s online platform.

TimeBanking recognizes that everyone has a unique talent to contribute, redefines work to include civic engagement, is built on reciprocity and engenders a common respect and care, noticeably lacking in much of our culture.

TimeBanking and its sister, HourExchanges, are helping to restore neighborliness and neighborhoods throughout the world, with a combined presence of over 600 chapters and 50K members in the US alone .

For Awesome Newburgh grant, we propose to grow Together We Can Time Bank into a Core Community of 100 members over a years time. While we will engage all community members, this Awesome Foundation grant will allow us to focus our outreach efforts on Newburgh's 1,607+ people who are un- and underemployed peoples and the 9,000 people living in poverty with a team of core timebanking members.

For more information on how a timebank works, visit

Fondos becados por Newburgh, NY (June 2018)