Ukulele Chorus

I teach at Sugarloaf Elementary School in Hendersonville. My school's music teacher and I would like to start a Ukulele Chorus at my school in the upcoming school year. The Ukulele Chorus will learn to play fun, sweet, and uplifting songs together on the ukulele.

The Ukulele Chorus will be one of the school's clubs, The Chorus will range from 15 - 20 students, and students get to pick the club they join so they tend to be invested in their choice. In addition, the Chorus will include students from all grade levels, learning together and helping each other.

Parents will be invited to help out with the Ukulele Chorus, helping build bonds between school and home. Depending on the parents' interests, they may help with crowd control, teach a song, or give one-on-one support to the youngest learners.

The Ukulele Chorus will have many opportunities to perform for the student body and parents at school events like pep rallies, parent-teacher nights, talent nights, and community open houses. In addition, we are planning to have at least two field trips to play for folks at the Carillon Assisted Living Center two miles from the school.

Sugarloaf Elementary is a rural Title 1 school in which all students receive free breakfast and lunch. We work hard to make sure our students' basic needs are met, and also to create opportunities for them to explore the world and expand their horizons.

So why the ukulele? Ukulele is relatively easy instrument for young children to learn, and there is a wealth of songs with simple fingering that make them accessible young learners. These range from nursery rhyme favorites to the ever-popular-in-elementary-school Katy Perry.

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