Play it On

Play it On is a new social enterprise that will provide funding to assist children from families that are financially challenged, to participate in sports. Our vision is 'Australian children have the opportunity to play sport regardless of their financial situation'

How it works: We collect unwanted sports gear, rejuvenate it in Men's Sheds and sell it online, the profits raised will create a foundation for children who can't afford to pay sporting club fees.

In South Australia in lower socio-economic areas, children’s participation in sport is around half the participation rates of kids in other areas and this is primarily due to finances.

Play it On will create a sustainable way to support all kids to play, it will recycle gear that would otherwise end up in landfill and hopes to employ young people in retail that are mad about sport!

Kids out-grow sports equipment fast. They can also change sports and organised physical activities with amazing regularity. This can end up costing families hundreds of dollars for every active child for every season and every sport they may play. When a family has more than one active child, the costs can really add up quickly.

Much of the gear people have in their sheds is in great condition and has lots of years left in it.
People have a chance to donate the used equipment and help clear some space in their garage. We can help to reduce the financial pressure on families by selling used gear at cheaper prices.

Our end game is to increase the rates of kids playing sport knowing the health and social benefits by being involved in organised sport!

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