The Underground Arts Society

The Underground Arts Society is a weekly event taking place in the Jacaranda that will showcase a different art form every week. The aim is to pull artists from each corner of the industry together to share ideas, create new work and support one another. The event will showcase local talent in theatre, music, comedy, art, poetry, film and much more. By either working with local companies or by creating bespoke events ourselves we will curate a collection of events that celebrate the buzzing underground arts community in this city. We launched the event three weeks ago hosting a mixer and inviting local creatives to join us for an evening of live entertainment. We had artists selling their work, live poetry and music and some actors roaming the space in character. We have already scheduled three months worth of events including an all female open mic night called 'We Want Women' that celebrates and supports aspiring female performance artists of all ages and backgrounds. An art event called 'Sketchy' that brings together local fine artists who are all given the opportunity to sketch one another whilst networking and sharing ideas and advice. We're putting together our own comedy and poetry nights that will showcase raw talent and offer a platform to those who have never before had one. We have reached out to already established local companies like 'Impropriety', 'The Comedy Trust', 'The Rubbish Shakespeare Company', 'All Things Considered' and many more to bring in their expertise and put together a night of entertainment in their own style.

Held in the basement of a nightclub, the two aims are to provide an evening of high quality artistic entertainment outside of traditional theatre venues; and to create a pool of diverse artists who, throughout the weeks, network and start those conversations about forming working relationships.

All events are totally free and can be accessed by people of all ages from all backgrounds.

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