Healing Space

Sanar is one of the first trauma-informed organizations in the country working to ensure all female and female identifying individuals have safe places, spaces, and faces with whom they can share in their healing experience from gender-based violence.

Sanar’s New Jersey-based headquarter's groundbreaking services have yielded significant results in the reduction of trauma-related symptoms for historically marginalized communities that have transformed the lives and futures of women and girls. Sanar's trauma recovery services include therapy, expressive arts and music, yoga and mindfulness, education and employment coaching, and psychiatric support, case advocacy, legal support, and other customized services to meet individual needs.

To increase our healing impact, Sanar is opening a new healing space in Los Angeles, California! The new office will help move us closer to our vision that all survivors have access to healing spaces that foster resiliency, inspire hope and allow women and girls to meet their full potential. We want to take the AWESOME outcomes and learning opportunities from New Jersey and build a one-of-a-kind healing space in Los Angeles that will allows survivors to move beyond the violence their past and create an empowered life of their choosing.

The new office will integrate TONS of sensory-based tools that have proven to reduce trauma-symptoms for survivors. Resources like yoga and mindfulness are accessible, transportable, and culturally diverse strategies that allow survivors to regain a sense of safety when they have a trauma-trigger, reduce anxiety when they have trouble sleeping, and befriend their bodies after the violence of their past.

We know that creating a safe space that provides key resources and fosters a sense of hope are key elements in trauma recovery. This AWESOME new space will help countless women, girls, and female identifying individuals have a home base for healing to build strong, violence free lives!

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