Sh*t Show, Flush it.

This project will capture the current psychological state of it's viewers via an open interactive platform for the public to freely express their feelings thru words and/or illustration. It will also serve as a social experiment from a few parallel perspectives.

The desire is to construct (3) mobile bathroom stalls. Each will have 3 stall walls surrounding a toilet in the center. The front of each will be open, the door missing, as a symbol of exposure to social constructs. Each stall will feature one toilet- one pink, one yellow and one blue- with a purpose to lightly touch on representation of male (blue), female (pink) and non-specific (yellow) genders. On each stall will hang several Sharpie markers to allow for open expression.

This open ended interactive sculpture will include a placard that asks the question: "What would you like to flush from your life in preparation for a positive 2018?" It will also give a brief explanation of the project and ask any participant to "tag" or leave their age as a replacement for their signature. The purpose is to prompt viewers into expressing their raw feelings/desires of what to rid from their life in 2018. This "social experiment" would allow the community to have a feel for what others are facing (in few words) as well as allow myself to collect information for my next series of work.

Подкрепен от Pittsburgh, PA (January 2018)