Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.

The project brings holiday cheers to communities in need. Lead Our Legacy presents the 2nd annual Santa Claus is coming to town toy drive. Last year's program was a huge success; we raised over $600 and received dozens of new toy donations. These gifts were delivered to various neighborhoods including Martin Luther King Jr. Apartments, Harriett Tubman Terrace, Rip Van Winkle House (RIP), Smith Street Projects, Charles Street, Delafield, Winnikee Avenue and more! We made sure no child was left out! We responded to specific requests for children with disabilities, bringing joy right to their doorstep. In addition to toys, children were able to take free pictures with Santa. Overall, the project ensures that all children in Poughkeepsie have the opportunity to have one new gift and the opportunity to interact with Santa Claus. I garnered support from the public and partnered with Poughkeepsie Fire Department to deliver the gifts via firetruck.

Подкрепен от Poughkeepsie, NY (December 2017)