Movie-in On Up!

Smoketown Family Wellness Center (SFWC) will provide several opportunities for community fellowship in Smoketown. Based on our community-informed model, we will respond to the desires of Smoketown residents in regards to desired programming and community collaborations. Our facility includes a teaching kitchen to inspire healthy meal preparation for children and families, a literacy corner to encourage parent-child engaged reading, exam rooms and a multipurpose space designed to support parents in building a culture of physical, mental and emotional wellness for their families.

The “Movie-in’ On Up!” Project encourages community members and partners to come together in order to present movies, documentaries, and presentations that foster cultural enrichment and robust discussions focusing on community wellness. The project is in direct response to community request for more positive environments for youth. The project title, “Movie-in’ On Up!” is a play on the theme song, “Movin’ On Up” from an old sitcom, The Jeffersons. The song speaks of the matriculation of a family moving from one side of town to another—the more affluent side . . . the side with more provisions. The song distinctly captures the idea of attainment. The focus of the “Movie-in’ On Up!” Project is to evoke dialogue around the idea of “finally [having] a piece of the pie.” We want to encourage conversation about creating a culture of health and wellness within the community while exploring the various opportunities that abound as well as the issues that percolate as a result of societal conditions.

We are partnering with other local organizations such as the Academy of Music Production Education and Development (A.M.P.E.D.), Steam Exchange, and ArtsReach to encourage youth involvement. The documentary, Resilience, will be one of our first viewings offered to the community for the proposed project. We anticipate utilizing our multipurpose space for the project, and if the demand increases beyond

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