Yoga in 12 Step Recovery

Hello! My name is Megan Ghirardi and my Awesome Project is Yoga in 12 Step Recovery. Our communities have been deeply impacted by addiction. Many treatment and recovery centers are now offering yoga as an adjunct to traditional therapies to help individuals create sustainable recovery and avoid relapse. Several National Insistute of Health studies have supported yoga postures and yogic breathing as therapeutic modalities. However, those leaving treatment centers, or simply recovering on their own in the community are often unable to practice yoga with the the support of a group because of cost. It's my belief that yoga classes to benefit this group of individuals should be offered in a supportive and inclusive environment at yoga studios that are set up with all the comfort, props and amenities that support an enjoyable practice. No one should miss out on learning how to create a more positive life for themselves because of financial limitations.

Подкрепен от Gloucester, MA (July 2017)