Teacher Appreciation 5K

To honor our wonderful teachers and to promote health & wellness, Piqua City School district is conducting its first ever 5K. Our plan is to have the 5K be the grand finale to teacher appreciation week. Where students across the district run in recognition of their favorite teacher.

We have an assortment of ideas to make the event exciting and enjoyable for all that attend. One of those ideas is to perform a Color Toss, also known as a Color Rush. A Color Toss is a colorful way to bring joy and excitement to everyone. Our goal of the Color Toss is to make our 5K unforgettable! The color powder used for the Color Toss is completely safe and environmentally friendly, with all materials being U.S. FDA approved.
However, in order for this colorful celebration to occur we will need the help of Awesome Piqua!

Подкрепен от Piqua, OH (March 2017)