Girls Care Initiative

Girls Care Initiative project is aimed at providing free sanitary pad/ tampons to girls in schools/women in shelter and prison.

Though it’s a crisis that has long been documented in developing countries, many don’t realize it’s also a problem closer to home. In the U.S., nearly one in five kids aged 12-17 live in poverty. At $4 to $10 a package, plus sales tax ,a month’s supply of something as simple as a box of pads or tampons can be one expense too many for low income families
In many schools, girls already can get free sanitary products from the nurse’s office, the process isn’t always a smooth one- “a young girl will have to tell her teacher, tell her counselor, then be sent to the nurse’s office, to be given a pad.” These processes make them skip class work/lesson while in school.
Recent interview/survey carried out in schools in Texas show as follow
15% of girl’s uses re-usable napkins, 30% uses toilet roll, 10% uses both pad and toilet roll and 45% uses sanitary pad.
Most students said they only get to use pad during school week and uses toilet roll during weekends and holidays.
Some students complained that asking the nurse for sanitary pad makes almost everyone aware that they are on their period and could be embarrassing when the male student become aware of it
Infrequent changing of tampons or pads is unhealthy, unsanitary and unsafe. Not using one at all is unthinkable.
Humanity Support USA tends to provide free sanitary pad to girls from low income homes. Women will be given supplies in shelters, for women living in prisons, where menstrual hygiene products are in scarce supply, the impact of the distribution may be even more essential.
Specific measurable goals the project hopes to achieve :( 1) support girls to properly care for their bodies during their periods (2) this will supports their ability to learn (3) and assist low income families.

Подкрепен от Plano, TX (May 2017)