Commemorative GDM 'From Broadway w/ Love' Painting

On July 25, 2016, we produced an historical concert, 'From Broadway with Love', with a star-studded cast of Broadway talent to raise money for three Orlando organizations (The Center, Hope & Help & Zebra Coalition) in the wake of the Pulse tragedy. Together with a 100+ person local choir & the Orlando Philharmonic, we created our own piece of history in the name of love and community support...letting ART be our healer. As a former member of the Orlando arts community, NYC artist, Geoffrey Doig-Marx ( has volunteered to create a one-of-kind, commemorative painting in the style of his "Subway" piece, including images of all the Broadway stars such as Chita Rivera, Jessie Mueller, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Kelli O'Hara and more. This piece will also include visual representation of the choir and Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra.

This concert not only represented the NYC arts community sending it's love and showing it's support for a grieving Orlando community, but also two arts communities creating their own piece of history together, as a team of one...ARTISTS!

We want this piece to have a home & to be shared with the community it represents. It can be on a display rotation at all three organization's locations, but it can also tour the country to spread an overall energy of love & support. The only thing limiting the possibilities for this piece to have global impact is limiting our imaginations! :)

Подкрепен от Orlando, FL (January 2017)