Heart-n-Soul Community Cafe: Granted

The Heart-n-Soul Community Café is a place where all are welcome to enjoy with dignity a local, healthy and delicious meal.

Our mission is to partner with the community to eliminate hunger and food insecurity with a community café. At the café guests can pay the suggested price for a meal, they can pay more than the suggested price in order to "pay it forward" to help a neighbor who may paying less than suggested price. Guests can pay what they can afford and if they are unable to pay they can volunteer in exchange for a meal . Using this model allows us to bring people of varying backgrounds together to share a meal and build community.

We want to have two pop up community cafes this Fall. One in Moorhead and another location to be determined. We serve local food that is in season and volunteers share their talents serving and cooking the healthy delicious meal.

We are in the process of having volunteers to help us harvest the food from our local farmers and then have them help prepare a meal and serve,

This Fall we will share ideas on how to prepare healthy local food at our current downtown pop up location or at a commercial kitchen. This would also be a pay what you can model. We will partner with local agencies and post on our Facebook page to encourage attendance.

The AWESOME grant will be used to help Heart-n-Soul Community Café spread out within our community to address food insecurity so all may eat healthy local food no matter their means.


Подкрепен от Cass Clay (September 2016)