Grand Oak Opry

Grand Oak Opry brings neighbors and people from throughout the Twin Cities together with local musicians into a casual setting -- our backyard -- under a 200 year old White Oak.

The objective is to promote the creativity and unique qualities of our neighborhood, West 7th, and to support local musicians.

  • Attendees are asked to donate up to $10, with 100% of their contribution going to the musicians. No one is turned away for an inability to pay. Musicians make $500-$2700.
  • Local business sponsors cover the hard costs associated with the program.
  • We don't make any money on the project.

The "recipe" works for everyone:
* Musicians have a casual and intimate setting in which to perform. One performer wrote this review: "By far one the most genuine, unique and sincere shows I have ever played. Tim and Sean are the most gracious hosts you will ever meet and the community they are creating is endearing and inspirational. Hats off to the people that put the time and energy into making something special happen, not only in the world but right in their backyard."
* Individuals and families who might not be able to go to clubs are able to see great local music. Kids are welcome and encouraged to attend. The shows start at either 4:30 pm or 7:30 pm and never run past 9:30.
* Neighbors fully support the program. It's become a local point-of-pride for many in West 7th. We don't have a single complaint yet from anyone! Neighbors contribute their talents to making the program happen: last year the person behind us took the photographs and the person next to us developed the logo that we still use online. Another neighbor contributes benches for people to sit on, and other neighbors act as greeters. Last Saturday a local bakery, Brake Bread, showed up to give away extra product.

We believe that it's a unique mix that builds community and highlights the unique qualities of our neighborhood, and support local musicians.

Подкрепен от Twin Cities, MN (October 2016)