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Guided by the firm desire to promote diverse ideas and uplift small projects throughout the Twin Cities, our trustees are a small band of volunteers who want to make our cities a little more awesome.

We give away no-strings-attached grants, up to $1,000, to creators, big thinkers and dreamers. The Awesome Foundation is not your average foundation. We’re not a charity and we have no interest in making a profit. 100 percent of the money we collect goes to our grantees. We have no overhead expenses. Our Twin Cities trustees are a group of locals ready to open our wallets to make a positive impact in our communities. If you’ve got an idea and you need some support to take your initiative to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the awesome projects we have funded in the past two years on our website. We still can’t believe we’ve accomplished so much in such a short period of time!


1). Apply for a grant. Applications are reviewed monthly, and the process is very simple.

Sean Kershaw and Tim Hawkins – Grand Oak Opry: ”It’s rare to find something as simple – and so generous—as Awesome Twin Cities. Our concert series, Grand Oak Opry, grew in ways we didn’t anticipate. It became not just a musical event, but a community event. Funds from Awesome Twin Cities came at the perfect time for us to help the showplace of our yard, the “Grand Oak,” get much needed repair and care. We are so grateful to Awesome Twin Cities:”

2). Become a member of our Board of Trustees. We are currently accepting applications for new trustees. We have a membership term from May to April. Our trustees are asked to commit to the following:

1) Promote and review applications and choose winners. 2) Each member has an administrative role including updating social media platforms, organizing trustee meetings or communicating/coordinating with applicants. 3) Donate $100 per month to fund grants. We donate 100% of our money to our grant recipients.
4) Commit to participating on the board for one year.

We’d love to hear from you about being an Awesome trustee. Please contact us at

3). Spread the news about Awesome Twin Cities. Follow us on our Awesome Twin Cities Facebook page.

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