Mobile Learning Dome/Planetarium

The city of Atlanta is an awesome platform to make a difference in the lives of our youth. It is the goal of Operation Teach to provide educational, engaging, and entertaining academic and seasonal shows to schools, daycares, libraries, hospitals, and churches. An awesome element to add to our shows would be a mobile planetarium or learning dome. The planetarium would be a perfect learning "virtual field trip". Imagine your favorite music and characters coming to life around you. Viewing our educational and entertainment programs inside the learning dome allows for a unique immersive experience. In the learning dome students will enjoy more than just surround sound but viewpoint video projection surround as well. Programs will correlate primarily with PK-8th grade curriculum and cover a broad range of subjects. Based on topics such as social studies, science, language arts, health, and STEM. Kids will want to experience it again and again. As a proven agent of change, I take pride in making decisive changes to grow students by providing them with innovative opportunities to immerse their minds into learning.

Подкрепен от Atlanta, GA (January 2016)