Help ROR Adelaide Build Their Sound!

We are the Adelaide chapter of Rhythms of Resistance! Rhythms of Resistance is a network of social-justice oriented street bands use 'tactical frivolity" as a means to help bring about social change. The collective started overseas in 2000 and chapters have since sprung up in over 20 countries. A friend came back from experiencing some street band magic in Toronto and lamented that we didn't have anything like that in we started one!

All of the international ROR bands use the same grooves so that members can move between them freely. We have a focus on encouraging anybody to join in- you don't need to have a technical musical background to add some sound and energy to our ensemble! In this way we not only connect with important causes but connect people to music in ways they haven't experienced before as well.

We're applying for an Awesome Foundation grant because one of the important facets of being ROR is being non-profit. This means, however, that as we grow, our need for instruments and other marching accessories (straps, drumsticks, earplugs, etc) increases as well. We'd love this grant to contribute a few high quality samba drums to our mix (we are just using drum kit bits and bobs at the moment) as well as some vital equipment to support existing and new players. (As you can see below, a portion of the funds will go towards a quality surdo. In the open air, in a bustling crowd atmosphere, we really need a deep drum to permeate sound effectively- a proper marching surdo (the deepest of the drums) will give us the boom, as well as the audio variety to take our music to the next level. The rest will cover another drum and vital equipment- equipment is generally harder to fundraise (sponsor a strap, anyone?) so this is the perfect opportunity to invest in those things. If the distributor permits a non-profit discount we might afford even more drums!

Подкрепен от Adelaide (November 2015)